Small Business Seminar

Seeing as how I started this journal a few weeks after I started really going after my venture, I have a bit of catching up to do. Although I have been dreaming about pursuing my own company for a few years (at least), yet I did not become actively motivated until I went to a women’s small business seminar. It was the Pittsburgh SCORE/Chatham University Small Business Basics Workshop and it was amazing. It was held at Chatham University, which was a treat in itself since I had never been there and the campus is gorgeous! The event was very well organized, with speakers in almost every industry involved in a small business. It was incredibly helpful and informative. I took a ton of notes, which I’m hoping to translate into a few posts this week. But, at the end of the day, the seminar was incredibly helpful and really inspired me to start working on my venture.


Step One: Definition

Okay, so I’m actually right in the middle of trying to define exactly what this business is gong to be. But, in a nutshell, I would like to someday own and operate an event venue space. This venue would cater towards people looking to hold gatherings ranging from 50 people to a maximum of 350 people. The price point would initially fall in the lower end for my market, but after branding and reputation has been established- the price would rise to be in the mid range. The building would be equipped with media technology to cater towards corporate events. On the other hand, it will also have party supplies and private rooms to cater to weddings. The business would have relationships and close ties with vendors such or event planners, photographers, and caterers; however I would not actually offer any of these things. To that point, the venue would have a kitchen equipped with an industrial refrigerator, freezer, and dish washer. It would also have dishes, flatware, and glasses as well as tables, chairs, and linens however it would not actually cook food. Everything would be brought in by an outside vendor.

So, there it is. A medium sized, medium priced event venue. Probably catering mostly to weddings, but hopefully more if I can position it well enough.

Here Goes

I’m not really sure how all this works- but that’s the exciting part, right?! I have a pretty good job, an undergraduate degree for my industry, and am even currently going to grad school to further my career- yet… I would love to start my own company. I have always had dreams of working for myself, but they have always been just that: dreams. Now, with four years of corporate experience under my belt, I’m going to try to give this a shot. Possibly become an entrepreneur (‘possibly’ being the operative word!). So this little piece of web real estate will stand to *hopefully* keep me motivated. Here goes!